I write about business, motivation, productivity and life.

For too many years I lived and worked in the corporate box, helping to fulfill and maintain the dreams of others.  Streamlining their companies so that they were more efficient and easier to steer through the economic climate. However it left me feeling that there had to be something more. I received my Executive MBA from Ashridge in my mid 30s, and have many business qualifications, and draw on 30 years in business.

A single mum for 8 years I was driven to provide for my children. I’m a self-described overachiever whose endless quest for perfectionism and unfulfilling experience of continual career climbing left me burned out, exhausted and eager to find another way.

I was truly lost for a while and unfulfilled, I was burnt out, diagnosed with ME and then menopause hit at the same time, and I thought I was losing my mind.

I’ve always helped people, so after a brilliant morning coffee helping a friend, who loved what we talked about and how I helped, I launched The Master Fixer. Now I love supporting  busy business women get more clients, make more money and sleep better at night.

Committed to excellence and great at bringing people together. I’m described by some as “marmite” and I wear my heart on my sleeve, I don’t pull any punches and always speak my mind. It’s about straight talking strategy, no BS and taking action. Described by some as charismatic and funny, I am passionate about friends, family and great shoes.

Proud mother to Lauren & Anna, bonus mum to Harry, Eliott & Fred and devoted wife to Nigel.






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