7 reasons why coffee with business works!


So this week is UK Coffee Week, and it got me thinking…. when did we all get so stuck on coffee shops? I remember as a teenager going out to meet friends and making a “pot of tea” last for hours for 4 of us and we wasted the hours between school finishing and home time and talking about how we would rule the world and of course the boys!  But I can’t remember what we did or where we went in our 20s. It wasn’t the pub – so where was it?

It really wasn’t until the late 1990s that coffeehouses were ‘re-invented’ by companies such as Starbucks, Coffee Republic and Costa Coffee – and the revolution of skinny lattes, cappuccino and espresso became part of our every day language.

Now as a small business owner and the rise of the entrepreneur, and the solopreneur the cafe or coffee shop is where we hold our business meetings, our catch ups, our networking and our lives. We run into friends, hold meetings and plan our futures. My business expense receipts are crammed with coffee receipts – thank goodness my “coffee life” is a tax deductible expense. So why does it work so well?

  1. Meeting in cafes means you have a more informal exchange and stay relatively uninterrupted.
  2. It can provide a relaxed environment perfect for getting work done
  3. Meeting in cafes means you have a more informal exchange and stay relatively uninterrupted.
  4. The wifi is usually great!
  5. This can help ease creative block as well as helping to get to know people better.
  6. Being a solopreneur can be lonely and block creative process, getting out and engaging can really support increase in your productivity.
  7. Finally you don’t have to host in your home and it works as an interim plan before you’re ready to take on expensive office space!

My favourite coffee shop for my business meetings is Bakesmiths in Bristol, UK  https://bakesmiths.co.uk/ If you’re ever in Bristol you should try it – its fabulous!

Hey you don’t have to drink coffee, find something you love and HEALTH WARNING if you eat cake everyday then your waist will get bigger!

I’m a business coach and my website is https://www.lindadaviescarr.com/ take a look and see how I do my business over coffee!



The Master Fixer


PS: For a daily boost of motivation, support, a challenge and for making a difference with you or your business, please join us at https://www.facebook.com/lindamasterfixer/

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