5 things a busy business women needs to outsource immediately!

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Did you know its National Gardening Week this week, can I tell you how much I really hate gardening! I’m just not good at it, I do not have green fingers and to be truthful it bores me! However I do love it looks when its done, tidy, neat and pretty.

It doesn’t help that the puppy we are solicalising for the charity Dogs for Good  https://www.dogsforgood.org/ has dug up the lawn and despite the fact that I have filled it in with loose top soil he thinks its great fun to undo my hole-filling labouring!

So I outsource it to people who are better at it than me, more efficient and more talented. I pay them. It allows me to focus on what I’m good at, and although the gardener costs me £17 per hour, I know that I can earn more than £17 per month – significantly more. More importantly I know by getting them to do it – I’m less stressed and more productive!

So my favourite piece of business advice ( I have a few)

“Do what you do and outsource the rest”

It’s hard being a busy business woman, mix in a couple of children, ageing parents, a pet or two and you’re talking STRESS STRESS STRESS!

So its important that there is balance, and no I can’t fix that here – check out another blog. But I can help you with 5 things to outsource straight away that won’t break the bank:

  1. Cleaning
  2. Ironing
  3. Gardening
  4. Food shopping
  5. Social Media

I worked in Bangalore, India for a while about 10 years ago and I was really interested in the viewpoint that a household would employ numerous people to help with the many tasks of managing the household, someone to cook, clean, clean the car etc – they took the view that it helped support many people and added to their household income, share the work, share the love, share the wealth!  So in a similar method, increase your productivity by outsourcing the stuff you can. Look for local people in your area who advertise these services. Help yourself to be more efficient and help them to increase their income – share the wealth and max your productivity. Don’t hide your brilliance behind the chores…

Finally if you’re sitting there thinking that I’m mad and you can’t afford to.




The Master Fixer

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