You can’t manifest a great business!

lindadaviescarr-75So that’s the first lesson – ‘things’ do not bring happiness. The second lesson I learned is that if you don’t feel good, there’s no point to it. As feeling good is all we really truly want to be and to have.

A great business takes hard work, dedication, consistent action and a whole lot of courage. So get your grit on and go to work on your self and your business!

I started my business career in the 1980’s  – I loved it. I was brought up on a diet on hard work and respect. No one ever suggested we go to work on ourselves, the simple equation was work harder. The people I knew with their own businesses worked such long hours, they smoked they drank – wow look how far we have all come!

BUT you can’t flippin manifest yourself a great business. It takes work! Hard work and there are not short cuts. By all means use manifesting to help, to heighten your focus, to be clear about your intention, to help you unblock and unlock the negative self talk.

In order to manifest what you want in your life you need to FEEL GOOD in the first place. Like attracts like. It doesn’t really matter how, but the key is to enter the good vibration without an ulterior motive. When you don’t have something and you really want it, you’re so focused on wanting it, that the focus is also on the complete lack of having it, which of course feels horrible. When you say ‘I’m going to start feeling good because I want that house’… the feeling is false because you don’t have the house so you get pulled back. ‘I want that car so I’m going to start feeling good’… ‘oh but I don’t have the car!’ Disappointment starts and you’re pulled right back again.

To feel good you’ve got to be in it without wanting. So this year, do the stuff that makes your heart sing… if coaching makes your heart sing go do that, if dancing makes your heart sing, go do that, if helping others makes your heart sing, go do that! Just make sure you stay in the heightened sense of happiness. 

When you’re in that high vibe, you’re happy, you’re grateful, you’re feeling good and you’re authentically ‘acting as if’ and then the house, the car will be with you BUT you’ll also have so much more. 

As we all know happiness does not lie in the material things, it lies within this very moment. That doesn’t mean you should not ‘want’ these other things, go ahead… just don’t make it your primary motive. Make feeling good right now your primary motivation and watch as all the things you ever wanted flow into your world. Let go of the outcome and focus on feeling amazing!

You can drive the success of your business when YOU are feeling great!



The Master Fixer

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