6 benefits an entrepreneur can enjoy by hiring a business coach


As a successful entrepreneur, you probably know exactly what you want and how to get it. You are driven, determined and a self-starter. So if you have all these great qualities, why would you need a coach? As it turns out, there are more than a few benefits of hiring a business coach.

When you decided to become and entrepreneur, you started with amazing dreams of how fantastic the future would be. You would stop trading time for money. No one explained to you how hard it was going to be did they?


I met Amy Oldfield of Empowered Fitness http://www.efitbristol.co.uk/ for a coffee last week and whilst getting to know each other she shared with me her experience with a PT specific coach.

“I started off on a coaching programme which cost me £2,000 for 90 days. I got great results, so over a year later I then invested in the current programme I’m on. Which is £900 per month, which I have been on for 15 months. I was only earning £4,000 a month at the time.”

Amy was committed to grow her business and committed to business coaching which represented 25% of her turnover. WOW – now that’s commitment. Now 4 years on she is an award-winning personal trainer, she’s reaping the rewards of her investment,  and is planning opening another gym location.


I met with a new business coaching client only this morning and she told me that following her first strategy session last month, her turnover had increased by £1000, 50% since we last met, and she had only implemented a fraction of what we discussed. She’s thrilled and I’m super proud 🙂 

So back to the 6 benefits you can enjoy as an entrepreneur

1. Be clear and on purpose.

When you decide to become an entrepreneur, you start with great dreams and aspirations of growing a business, hoping to achieve great things. As time passes you get drawn into the minutia and the drama, you get so busy running the day-to-day you forget or worst of all, don’t make time for the strategy! It is hard running your own business. It can overwhelm the best of us!  Working with a coach will help you raise your head from the day-to-day business drama, and take time to sit back and look at the bigger picture. Your coach will get you to start thinking about the future, where do you see yourself and your business, and get you to take action and act on this vision, by developing a winning strategy that you can execute with confidence


2. Figure out what success looks like for you.

Your goals, your successA good coach will help you define what success looks like and help you frame your thinking. Remember that success is not necessarily measured only in financial terms.  Set a range of strategic success, I always used to use the KISS list – key indicators of strategic success, but make them your own, they need to facilitate an emotional reaction – if your business “why” makes you cry – it’s absolutely the correct measure.

3. Ensure accountability.

A business coach will not only push you and challenge you to do and achieve your best, but will also hold you accountable for your actions. It’s easy to procrastinate – a great coach will call you out, hold you accountable and hold your toes to the fire. They’ll be able to differentiate fear of something new versus just feeling uncomfortable about a new way forward and a new direction.


4. Understanding & support

It’s lonely being self-employed, so its great to have someone to talk to who isn’t your partner or your best mate. You need an unbiased sounding board who has your interest at heart but who will also challenge your thinking. They will support you in highlighting your “best bits” and identify and help you work on the areas of challenge.

Often entrepreneurs need to project their best image – all of the time. It can be exhausting and puts a great deal of pressure to be “on it” 24/7, combined with the need to be present on social media – it is a lot of pressure and stops the real person with the real weakness acknowledging and working on those areas that need work, development and support. In a coaching relationship it is a confidential, no judgement setting. Opening up and releasing your issues, worries, your “fear list” is cathartic and enlightening.

Once you are consciously conscious of your areas of development, what triggers your emotions and your reactions,  managing yourself and your stress levels is simpler.


5. Support to get done whatever it takes!

To be successful and get to where you haven’t been before is what defines the success of the entrepreneur. A great coach will motivate and encourage you, you’ll be 10 feet tall and bullet proof! They’ll also point out what needs work and improving, remember they are your cheerleader not your critic. Getting to grip with the tough stuff means going to work on yourself, often on the areas that haven’t been tackled before. Its tough, it challenging and it is most definitely worth it.


6. Develop your thinking and gain a new perspective.

When you are stuck in the hamster wheel that is running and growing a business, you may often feel stuck, unchallenged and in need new direction. The right business coach will help you gain perspective of your current situation and will provide you with alternative approaches and a different perspective. To be successful you need to do what others are not willing to do, so you need to  S T R E T C H  your thinking.

I love the quote by Albert Einstein who said:

“Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking we used when creating them.”

A great business coach will challenge your thinking hold your toes to the fire and encourage you to stretch yourself further than you would have done on your own!




The Master Fixer

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