Got what it takes to be a business athlete


World class athletes report they fulfil over 90% of their potential, however non-athletes in senior positions in business typically report they fulfil around 40%. This is a shocking statistic and yet the principles and practices used in sport can be easily adapted and transferred to the business world. So many sports professionals go on to become motivational speakers – that isn’t just a coincidence!

Businesses with business athletes often have a high-performance culture,  one with consistently higher business performance with clear vision, goal-setting, metrics for measurement. We can all train to be stronger business athletes for ourselves and our businesses.

So if you could achieve a greater rate of success you’d want to know more, wouldn’t you?

I know an elite athlete and her focus is always on success, on how to improve. She trains her body for optimal performance, she spends hours learning how to fuel her body for maximum performance and she works on her mindset to ensure her approach to succeeding – she has a crystal clear vision and she goes to work on it every single day.

When I trained for the London Marathon 2012 – I know, don’t laugh!! Well I worked with a coach – she was and is amazing. We did some physical training, I had a plan, I had homework runs, but mainly we worked on the “head stuff.” She told me that about 3 weeks before the race, when people asked me whether I would finish my answer would change for a panicked answer to a cool, calm answer of course. It worked, just as she had said it would and she was right. It’s not a coincidence that when I left her every Tuesday morning at 10am, in would walk Olympic swimmers to also train with her. She taught me vision, to have a focus and passion – and I have taken this into my business life.

VISION – Athletes learn how to visualise their success, and once you can envision it, you can achieve it. The rest is a brilliant combination of passion and focus.

FOCUS – Athletes learn to tune out the noise of self-doubt, fear and the roar of the crowd in order to accomplish their task. Focus enables you to succeed when you have prepared for that moment, and the opportunity finally presents itself.

PASSION – Athletes have a passion for what they do, it’s the passion that supports the long hours, the epic failures on the route to success and its the passion that gets you up again after falling 100 times over

Business women often tend to play small and internalise failure, what that means is when we fail we think “I am a failure” rather than I need to try a different way. This way is to develop a winning mindset, have a clear vision, a laser focus and a passion for your business that keeps you going. I love the Michael Jordan quote above, it summarises the committment, the sheer determination and the attitude of an athlete.

“It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.” Vince Lombardi

So as a business athlete, go to work on yourself, remember it is a mindset shift that you need and it is a sheer bloody determination, and a steely vision, focus and a deep-rooted passion for success. So go and work on your business athleticism.



The Master Fixer

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