8 marketing tips to get you more clients

Everyone needs clients. FACT! Whether you are producing or selling a product or you are providing we all needs clients, someone who wants what we have.

Ok so you’ve heard about the law of attraction and you’ve read about the law of supply and demand. What about the client attraction laws?

Start ups need clients and they’ll usually take any clients.Mid level businesses need more clients and more money, because now they’re not a start up and they have overheads and stuff to pay for.

Established successful businesses need fewer higher paying clients. But how does it all start? How does the start up get the first clients, the mid level get more and the established clients get their much needed VIP clients?

If getting clients was easy then marketers would be out of business.

Tip 1 Get out of the house.

If you’re reading this and you have a home based business and maybe you’re in your comfies or even your PJs, and you’re furiously posting on social media – STOP right now. Get up get dressed, put on your make up and get out of the front door and talk to real people TODAY. Yes REAL people and have a conversation with as many people as you can, but more importantly talk to 3 people about your business straight away – you will be gobsmacked the positive impact it will have on your clients, your income, your confidence and your stress levels,

Tip 2

Go and make some new friends.

Step away from the computer and go and meet new people. Join a club, take up a sport and talk to everyone, be the person that people want to talk to. Maybe go to the same coffee shop every day, so people get used to seeing you and remember to SMILE, not just have your head down in your lap top or book without making any eye contact with anyone. Make some new friends.

Do your research – where do you ideal clients hang out? Then make a plan, don’t overthink it and go and hang out at those places. It might be the library, a book club, an exhibition, a workshop, a coffee shop, the mall, a conference – go and be with your tribe.

Tip 3

Be present on social media.

You need to be present on social media, but you need to provide value. Don’t be a stalker, who watches everything and lurks in the shadows, make a positive contribution in every group and forum you are in – every single day. WARNING – set the timer for 30 minute slots, ideally 3 times a day and stick to the timer as social media is like a black hole for time management – you will lose hours if you are not conciosuly aware of your time.

Use technolofy to scheule some static post, to save you time and make it look like you’re posting interesting stuff and use your personal time slots for engagement.

Building followers and friends on social media is a long term strategy. So get involved, voice your opinion, offer advice, provide guidance and get involved. Work on your engagement and remember you MUST be consistent.

Tip 4

Be available and on task.

Set your time boundaries and stick to them, an set up automation for the “out of hours” contacts.

If you’re a start up you’ll be tempted to spend every waking hour on your business – it doesn’t work, you’ll be exhausted and burn out and you will end up resenting your business. So be clear about your time boundaries, when, where and how much you are willing to work. No one would expect you to be available 24/7.

Tip 5

Communicate succinctly.

Be able to communicate all the important details of your business in 30 seconds or less is critical. We’re all super busy and there is so much competition, you need to be able to succinctly tell people about your business quickly. Practice talking about it, record yourself, so it in the mirror and hone your skills. It’s all about making the right impression quickly. If you’re a bore your potential client will look elsewhere.

Tip 6

Be solution focused

See solutions to their issues. Your potential clients have some level of pain with their business; they are actively looking for solutions. So think outside the box, be future and forward thinking. Be empathetic and seek to understand their issues and always bring the conversation back to solution focused. Offer dynamic, positive frameworks and suggestions, be creative and suggest blue-sky thinking – that’s’ what they need a fresh set of eyes on their business issues.


Tip 7

Ask for referrals.

Again, people like to do business with people they know like and trust, so if a person they trust has recommended you then you have an 85% better chance of securing that person as a client. BOOM!

Tip 8

The fortune is in the follow up.

Did you know that 48% of people don’t follow up! What a tragic waste of all that hard work and effort. So build your self a simple follow up process and go to work. Remember to contact they a minimum of 12 times. Yes 12 times!!

So get your ASK into gear and get talking to people.

I’d love to know what you think…



The Master Fixer

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One Response to 8 marketing tips to get you more clients

  1. Thanks Linda, this is all great advice. I’m very guilty of spending too much time behind my screen and not enough getting out and talking to people – I resolve to do better!

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