Master fixer business podcast


Its all part of a process, the process of developing a business. From initial thought, to launch and execution its all a great learning experience – a journey although I don’t love that word as its sooo overused.

I so loved reading and listening Janet Murray’s Soulful PR podcasts  and was inspired to create my own, as an introduction to The Master Fixer and explain how it all came about and why I am positioned well to help busy business women get more clients, make more money and sleep better at night. Also as I hate with a capital H having my photo taken I thought I could hide behind a voice recording! Genius 🙂

Then as I have met, befriended, stalked (only joking) some amazing kick arse, incredibly successful business women I visioned a series of amazing podcasts with these women to inspire and others. So watch out for those I am super exited for these…

So, here it is my first podcast, and introduction to The Master Fixer – enjoy!

Click on the link:

I’d love to know what you think…



The Master Fixer

PS: For a daily boost of motivation, support, a challenge and for making a difference with you or your business, please join us on the Master Fixer Community

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