How to grow your business in 9 steps!

lindadaviescarr-33I read this on an email I received and thought how poignant and how true it is. 

No wonder why everyone is so confused…

We have become a nation of people who don’t search for data we “google” it. This massive iconic brand has become a verb in our language.

I google, you google, he googles… get it?

So if you want to know something ask Google or YouTube but get into the habit of seeking information from the internet.

Anyway, here’s the thing I just googled…“How to grow your business?”

Guess what? I got 71 MILLION pages of information to sift through!

No wonder you’re all overwhelmed. This was the top 8 tips from one site:

1.         Open another location. … (how do you know your current one is right)

2.         Offer your business as a franchise. (unless it already works without you please don’t do this)

3.         License your product. … (not bad if it’s already selling well)

4.         Form an alliance. … (with whom and why)

5.         Diversify. … (into what?)

6.         Target other markets. (what’s wrong with the one you have)

7.         Win a government contract. (Wow Really)

8.         Merge with or acquire another business (so you have 2 businesses that don’t work properly and work twice as hard?)

 All terrible advice if taken in isolation and without context. In other words –  Just do a bunch of “stuff” and you’ll somehow magically grow your business

Well, let me ask… How’s that been working for you? Exactly!!!

The reason why so many businesses are so overwhelmed and struggling is because of really crap advice like this.

You want to grow your business? Here, I’ll give you the answer and it won’t take sorting through 71 million pages of information to get it.

The first step in growing your business is to know what to focus on so you need to give your business a strategic health check. Better still get in touch with someone who can help you. Has business experience, can challenge you and who can hold you accountable:


So if you are feeling overwhelmed, confused and would love to get more clients, make more money and sleep better at night then message me on my FB page and see all the great things people are saying about The Master Fixer

or drop me an email to and lets set up a FREE STRATEGY CALL and talk about what you think you need.



The Master Fixer

PS: For a daily boost of motivation, support, a challenge and for making a difference with you or your business, please join us at

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