Saturday self care or essential maintenance?


So, I’ve walked the dog for an hour and it was absolutely beautiful, a crisp, frozen carpet of grass in the early morning winter sunshine. Gorgeous ,with a streaming take a way coffee and a happy happy puppy.

Today is all about ESSENTIAL MAINTENANCE. You see I saw a FB post from a friend who had talked about her self-care: eyebrows, waxing, hair cut – get the picture?

Well for me that is more about essential maintenance.  I met my mr wonderful in our early 40s. I was single and dating and its hard to look gorgeous when you are ravaged with not enough sleep, a full-time career and little people to look after. So I was clear – it takes a lot of work to look this gorgeous all of the time. Now, I was laughing and of course, joking – sort of!

Now if you use the excuse to grow leg your hair in the winter and cover up with opaque tights, saying it helps you keep warm – you keep thinking like that! If you want plat your underarm hair, and your annual pedicure means that your toes look like Shreks for the other 10 months of the year  – hell, you go for it if it makes you happy. For me its essential maintenance and we are worth it!

Go and get your hair cut and coloured if that’s your thing every 6 weeks – don’t look like a badger in the playground! Book yourself in with your regular maintenance. I’m all for natural beauty, but we all need some help.

Book a monthly message – look after you, because you’re probably filling your schedule caring for everyone else.

So join me, Saturday maintenance, or whenever you can fit it in.

Trust me you’ll feel fabulous, you’ll look great and it will be great for you and even better for your business.




The Master Fixer

PS: For a daily boost of motivation, support, a challenge and for making a difference with you or your business, please join us at



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