How to get through Blue Monday – the most depressing day of the year?

Blue Monday reminds me of that incredible tune by New Order, I remember being dumped unceremoniously by my then boyfriend and I was broken-hearted. Blue Monday was playing and it was 1983. I was 17 very sad, very blue, and yes it did get me down.

Now Blue Monday is a thing. The most depressing day of the year, that is not based on science, more that it was “created” by a UK holiday firm when calculating impact of weather and levels of post-Christmas debt, and loads of other financial and mathematical equations.

The 16th January is known as Blue Monday, it’s officially the darkest and most depressing day of the year, the day you may work out that you haven’t manage to stay “dry” for January, you’re not going to the gym 3 times a week as you planned, and crisps have miraculously appeared in your shopping (or is that just me??)  You realise you have already broken your New Year’s resolutions and 2017 will be exactly the same as 2016.

It really is up to you whether you exist in a prison on Blue Monday, or you enjoy yourself. If you prefer the latter, here are some suggestions that might make things even better:

  1. Get out and get moving. Make the most of the fact that the says are getting longer. Natural light helps stabilise serotonin and triggers endorphin, both mood-boosting hormones. See if you can get outside for at least ten minutes today. You could enhance the positive effects by combining your time outside with the second suggestion.
  2. You’re not a tree, so MOVE! Take some aerobic exercise. Any steady movement you enjoy – walking, jogging, swimming, cycling as it boosts endorphins, and will leave you feeling calmer and happier.
  3. Smile. When you smile, you release a cascade of feel-good chemicals in your brain. Your body relaxes, and blood pressure may be lowered. Smiling is contagious, too, so if you smile at others you’ll help them feel better as well.
  4. Be grateful. Recent research has shown that when you take time to appreciate what you already have, you’ll feel more energetic and optimistic. Make a list of things you’re grateful for, and people you’re grateful you know.
  5. Be nice to people, compliment a stranger. Help someone with their shopping, babysit for a friend who needs a lie in or night out! Giving back and paying forward is linked to a greater sense of wellbeing.

Me? I had a great day – connecting with clients, new clients, old friends, a dog walk and my hubster popping home tonight which was a lovely unexpected visit. Also I’m looking forward to the happiest day of the year – 24th June.

Drop me a line on if you have any questions.

Hugs to you xox


The Master Fixer

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