How to plan like a pro



You simply have to plan ahead in order to be successful. Plan like a professional.

In business, strategy and growth go hand in hand. You create a game plan to achieve your goals, including a mission statement, a step-by-step strategy, and a timeline. You have meetings, make calls, and invest in yourself and your business. All the planning gives an improved chance of success.

In your personal life it again, makes sense to have a plan. Where should you live, love and grow?

When you think about your personal goals, it’s not always so structured. Some “allow” life to happen to them as opposed to with them. Which are you?

I’ve watch with great interest the growth of UK The Body Coach Joe Wickes – I love his quirky funny videos. I totally love his story and I love watching his success growing.  I have really enjoyed hearing him talking about “prepping like a pro” or “prepping like a boss”. He’s referring to food in terms of managing your weight and weight loss is all about food preparation to ensure people don’t binge on the “bad” foods because they have nothing prepared.

These action steps have been useful for my clients when creating an effective plan for their business & personal growth, to make sure they are prepared for success, prepped like a professional:

  1. Create a personal mission statement. Making a plan to achieve your goals is impossible if you don’t have any. Spend some time brainstorming and throwing around different and diverse ideas. Then, mash your ideas into one succinct and specific mission statement.
  1. Choose your mentors. However perfect your personal plan is, if you want to max out your potential, you are going to need the guidance of mentors, advisors, and influencers. Look for a mentor with relevant experience who can act as a sounding board for your ideas, offer feedback, and open doors within established networks that you’re not yet part of.And you don’t just have to rely on in-the-flesh gurus to help you; books by authors you admire, relevant TED Talks, blogs, mastermind groups, or trusted friends and colleagues can be just as valuable in driving you toward your personal goals.
  1. Plan your strategy. Once you’re equipped with a solid set of goals and trusted feedback, you’re in a position to craft your own personal strategic plan. It should provide a clear pathway–complete with opportunities you need to capitalise on, relationships you can leverage, and resources you may need–plotted on a timeline, with ideal dates for completing each step.

If you feel unable to do this solo then get together with a trusted friend or engage with a business coach.

You don’t have to rent expensive office space or put on your best suit to get serious about your business and achieving your personal goals. Simply start by figuring out what you want to achieve and finding some good “gurus” – those honest and experienced mentors and advisors who have your best interests at heart. After gathering their advice, create a clear game plan you are committed to, not peacemeal committed to, I mean REALLY committed to – you know the scary stuff, and please trust me when I say the rest will follow. When you see your growth as your personal responsibility and acknowledge that who you really are may be standing in the way of who you could become, you won’t remain at a standstill for long. So take some time, get really honest with yourself, get over your self and go forth prepping and planning like a PRO!


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