7 Tips to develop a personal growth mindset


Personal growth is essential for health, happiness, ambition and achievement. We all have amazing potential to continuously grow, develop and conquer, new challenges. It is essential issue is that you want to achieve them enough to motivate you to take action. Many people struggle with their own personal growth by being unwilling to execute their plan and take action. They come up with a range of really great reasons why they cannot – excuses.

If you do not want to be like them, you must develop a personal growth mindset. All you really need is an open mind, and a desire to try new things.

Whether you think you can or you think you are right. So adopting a personal growth mindset is critical for your success..

I work on myself, read a lot and I decided that I was going to embrace a personal growth mindset. I regularly seek out new challenges and try them out for a while. If I enjoy them, I stick with them, if I don’t I move on. My decision whether to stick with it has nothing to do with how I did; as I can always work on my performance. It’s all about whether I enjoy it or not. My big personal challenge this year was to launch Master Fixer, start my own website and take my business online. When I started, several months ago, I knew nothing about websites, SEO or online marketing. In the past, I would have considered this and decided against taking on the challenge.  However, with a personal growth mindset, a great support structure, I decided that this was too good of an opportunity to pass up. For the past 6 months, I have been researching, learning and experimenting and the results have surpassed anything I would have expected. I still only know a minute percentage of what there is to know but I am really enjoying the experience and I have identified a number of exciting new challenges for the next 6 months.  Without a personal growth mindset, I would have missed out on this opportunity and the joy that it has brought me.

The following tips will help you to adopt a personal growth mindset:

  1. Stop justifying everything

You do not need to justify everything that you do. When you adopt a new behaviour or hobby, your friends and family will ask you why you have done it. You don’t need to justify anything to anyone but if you feel the need then all you need to offer any justification other than you want to.

  1. Engage new people

Seek out and have conversations with people, and groups, whom you might not have spent time with previously. Seek out the people who have influence and befriend them, Approach these conversations with an open mind and you will learn new things and have your own views challenged.

  1. Allow yourself to dream

Every new adventure, or achievement, begins with a dream. Allow yourself to dream. Do not place limitations on these dreams. Your dreams are part of your creative self. If you embrace them, you will identify new opportunities for growth. When you identify these opportunities, try them out. As children we dreamed of great exciting things. When did we stop dreaming?

  1. Understand that you will never do your best

No matter what you do, there will always be opportunity for improvement. There are always opportunities to learn from your experiences and use the feedback to improve. Therefore, you can never do your best but you can do the best that you can at any given moment, with the knowledge and skill you possess at that time. When you understand and accept this, you realise that the judgements of others are irrelevant. You can take comfort that you did the best you could at that time and resolve to learn from the experience so that you may do better next time.

  1. Focus on the experience rather than the end result

There may be activities which you have avoided because you don’t feel that you would be any good at them.  Ask yourself ‘Does it really matter if I am not very good at it?’  The answer is ‘No’. You don’t need to be good at it, if you enjoy it. You are not looking for a record deal, a museum exhibition or a professional sports contract. You are simply looking for fun. If you focus on the experience rather than the end result, you will have a lot more fun and you might, unwittingly, find something which you are actually good at.

  1. Try one new thing everyday

If you commit to trying one new thing every day, you will have tried 365 new things in one year. The chances of finding something you like, enjoy or are good at are much higher. More importantly, you will quickly develop a personal growth mindset where you see challenges rather than problems, and you are unafraid to try new things.


Effective goal setting lies at the heart of a personal growth mindset.


A personal growth mindset allows you take on new challenges, seeing only opportunities for fun and learning. There may still be tough times but when you have the right mindset, you are more resilient. You accept that things will go wrong but you focus on identifying a solution, implementing it and moving on. You know that you might fail at a task but that doesn’t make you a failure. In fact, it affords you a valuable opportunity to learn and improve. With a personal growth mindset, it is so much easier to be happier, healthier and you have a zest for life. You become emotionally mature. Bumps in the road are just that bumps – not major catastrophes because you know that there are more great opportunities just around the corner.

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