How to do what you do best and outsource the rest!



Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you only had to do the things you did best, or better still just the stuff you loved?

I love walking my dog, helping and supporting great clients, brainstorming new ideas, executing a great plan. I love the house to be tidy, I don’t like clutter or mess (yes a little bit OCD). I like the washing up put straight away, not the children’s version which is “I’m letting it air dry before I put it away “which is teenage  code for – I don’t want to do it now! I like clear surfaces. I love meeting my girlfriends for coffee, chatting on the phone with my besties. I love food shopping (weird I know but I used to work for Sainsburys, and I love the way a store is set out) and I love cooking, but not the required  Monday to Friday chore dinners, more the ready steady cook moments that turn out great, but you’ve got no idea how to repeat.

I do not like ironing, doing my books, or gardening. Oh I forgot I don’t like DIY. All of it just bores me and I know I’m not alone.

I’ve found some great apps to help me – I can’t live without Receipt Bank – effortless bookkeeping I totally LOVE Focuskeeper It helps keep you focused, on time and avoids procrastination!

I can’t outsource my exercise – wouldn’t that be a wonderful app?

So here’s a thought identify the stuff you love to do, then find someone who loves to do, or simply love to get paid to do all the things you detest. You’ll be so much happier, less stressed. You will be contributing to the economy, someone (probably a stay at home mum) will be happy to have paid work. Its a win win.

Do what you do best and outsource the rest.

Lets talk soon…


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