Digital addict: are you?

Digital Detox

Surprisingly, 77% of consumers believe that time spent without gadgets and technology would help liberate them, improve their relationships and make them better people, according to

We’ve just returned from a family week away in Greece. The holiday was great, we reconnected with each other and still stayed connected with the outside world.

My family mantra is “food or phone” or “family or phone” – ie no phones at the dinner table and it we’re having a conversation there is absolutely NO NEED to check your phone! Seriously?

I saw a great post somewhere that went along the lines of, be the person that is interesting enough so your friend doesn’t feel the need to check their phone – owch!

I’d like to disconnect more frequently, but running an internet business it is challenging. I’d LOVE to go on a yoga retreat, to slow my mind down. The last time I did a yoga class when we did the relaxation piece at the end I was mentally doing the Tesco shop on my way home – hopeless!
So step away from the screen, just for a while. Use my family or phone – it works! Its time for your digital detox!

Personally I’m going to commit to a 12 week yoga course and re read Ariana Huffington’s great book Thrive – it was a great read last time, think I’ll enjoy it more the second time around.

Lets talk soon…



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