Actions speak louder than words

You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.

To say I love you is lovely to hear, easy to say and less easy to mean. Actions speak louder than words…

To demonstrate that you love and care for someone is much more important.

To say you’ve committed to achieving something, a goal or a target is easy, making it happen is harder. Actions speak louder than words…

It’s easy to say you will go on a diet, it’s harder to stop eating those crisps. Actions speak louder than words…

I am preparing to go on our UK business conference, I know we will have a great time. There will be lots of reconnecting, lots of laughs, dancing into the early hours, so much inspiration in the room, heartfelt hugs, some air kissing, and tons and tons of celebration. There will be a recommitting of goals and accountability partners.




Less than 5% of people of people there, about 2000 in total will so what they stated they will do what they said they’d do. This year I will be one of the 5%.

Bring it on … #arbonne #making it happen.

Lets talk soon…




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