So proud she bothered

Another milestone achieved, my little girl voted for the first time, and she was chuffed. We turned out at about 9pm – there was plenty of time, so why did so few just not bother?


The news today has been full of hype about it being the lowest voting turnout since 1918 – so why did so very few make the effort and bother?

Our experience was a good one, my daughter’s friend even got a round of applause when the voting staff found out it was her first time to vote! It should be more teenager / first vote experience focused. We took my youngest daughter – she had loads of questions about method, structure, paper based versus electronic. I did my best to answer her questions, but should have known them all.

The Guardian did a great comparison to voters for X Factor

The Electoral Reform Society predicted a final turnout of just 18.5% nationally in the PCC vote – but the actual result was even worse with just, 15% of the population voting in this election. So, how does that compare?

Well, stepping momentarily outside the political sphere, 15,488,019 votes were cast during the 2010 edition of The X Factor, equivalent to 23.18% of those eligible to vote (includes Ireland). This figure gives an inflated idea of the number of people taking part, with individuals able to cast multiple votes, but provides an interesting reference point nonetheless.

Today’s figure certainly makes it one of the worst turnouts ever – coming in lower than that in the Manchester Central by-election yesterday, which was itself the lowest by-election turnout ever, lower than the previous record of 19.1% in Leeds Central in 1999.

I’m not a follower of politics, maybe because my dearest father talks at people and for years he talked at us with his views opinions, and yes had been known to talk to / rant at the TV. Hence I am not a follower of politics. I know what I know, like what I like and vote how I vote.

I believe that many many women fought that we should have the vote, so I believe it is my responsibility to bother!

Lets talk again.


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