10 smart reasons to have a coach



Its funny how things turn out – I was scrolling through wordpress and came across this blog that I wrote 3 years ago!! So I have updated it, added a new picture and we are good to go…

I know lots of coaches. I know lots of BAD coaches – who attempt to “fix” help others, when really they need some resolute help to fix themselves!

Why do so many people become coaches when they need help themselves – is it another way of putting off dealing with their issues??

Anyway I’ve met business coaches, life coaches, family coaches – but the one I really have questions about is those that profess to be “life coaches”!!  So I have spent some time talking to, interviewing and getting to understand their “why” and what their point of differentiation is, and HOW they believe they can be your LIFE COACH.

I would urge anyone who is considering using the skills of a coach to interview them, ask them who is coaching them? As we benefit from life long learning, and people talk endlessly about their “journey” – and how do we really know when we’ve arrived? So enough of the rhetoric, let’s get down to coaching…

I had a business coach whist working in financial services, he was epic and just a tad scary. Lets call him Anthony, because that was his name, and te element that worked is that he “got me” and as a result I could not blag my way out of any questioning. I knew he kept me accountable and as a result I had and still have many breakthrough moments.

What will a coach help you do?

 1.  Move Your Life Forward

  •  Help you if you are feeling stuck?  Help you identify and visualise your vision, your goals. Support you in framing how to kick-start your life and start building momentum.  Once you have your ideal vision for your life, you can start taking small smart steps every day to move your life forward.

 2.  Discover What You Really Want

  •  Do you know what you really want in life? Even if you think you know, you might quickly discover that it’s actually something slightly different.  Sometimes it will take a third party, a stranger to ask the right questions, the probing questions, the ones you don’t want to answer. Getting really clear on what you want is a powerful step in actually making it happen.  Research shows that most people walk through life well into their 50′s and 60′s never truly discovering what truly makes them come alive.  Find your true calling, your passion, your purpose.  Most importantly, experience the power of living your life with very clear intentions.

3.  Transform Your Life Forever

  • Support you with self-confidence, empowerment, manifesting your desires, or creating huge shifts in your perspective. You will see things differently with improved clarity  Anything is possible but it requires true transformation.  In order to experience a life at new levels you must become a person who can operate their life at new levels.

4.  Embrace feeling happy, live abundantly & Passionately

  • Leave behind your old life of dissatisfaction, lack of fulfillment, and unhappiness.  Ever wonder what it’d be like to feel fulfilled and to be living with passion?  Imagine how you’d feel to actually live your passion on a regular basis.

5.  Unlock your Intuition

  • Have you ever wished you had someone who could just tell you what to do?  A life coach won’t tell you what to do, but will help you find your own answers from within yourself.  Then they will help you discover the right action steps to take.  Your strongest guide will come from within.  For many people this is very hard to believe because they have been systematically conditioned by society to doubt and second guess their own instinct and intuition.  A solid life coach will help you develop your ability to bet on yourself more in life.

6.  Smash Your Limiting Beliefs

  • Limiting beliefs are unconscious.  You cannot unleash them until you’ve uncovered them, and this process will take some serious work.  Getting an outside perspective from your coach will allow you to target the unconscious beliefs that are keeping you stuck and holding you back.  Then once your have become aware of the limiting beliefs, a good coach will help you reverse those limiting beliefs into more empowered ones.

7.  Get Accountability

  • Need someone to keep you on task?  Your coach will hold you accountable.  More importantly, a coach will give you the tools to hold yourself accountable, without needing an outsider to do it for you.  We don’t improve what we refuse to measure and hold to higher expectations.  The art of accountability is what differiantes the talkers from the doers.

8.  Motivation, Encouragement, and Support

  • We all LOVE encouragment, but how can irregular soothing help you keep om track?  Research show that having a third party to keep you on travk and execute teh plan is the point of differntation. Ditch the casual cheer leaders, and take the plan seriously.

9.  Take Action Today

  • Still procrastinating, making excuses, waiting until tomorrow to live your dream life?  You don’t have to wait, start now.  Start taking the first baby steps to moving your life in the direction you want.  A solid life coach is trained to help you to step out of your comfort zone and step up to the call that is on your life.  Like Albert Einstein always said, “nothing ever happens until something moves.”  You must take action and a qualified coach can help.

10.  Reach Your Goals, Attain Your Dreams

Who’s helping you reach your goals?  It’s okay to get help in achieving your big dreams.    It comes with big obstacles and frustrating challenges.  A coach will walk you through every step to in your journey attain your plans.  Goals need road maps and strategies to overcome the inevitable road blocks.  Creating that road map and being empowered to overcome those road blocks is the greatest pragmatic value of a life coach.  It’s a fact that confidence increases when you create a doable plan to reach your goals.

If you are serious about living your epic life, it only makes sense that you model the greatest athletes and business leaders by working with a qualified, proven coach.


Funny, now 3 years on, I live by what I wrote and have launched The Master Fixer – business coaching with balls! I help busy business women who want to get more clients, make more money and sleep better at night – and yes I am qualified! 🙂



The Master Fixer

PS: For a daily boost of motivation, support, a challenge and for making a difference with you or your business, please join us on the Master Fixer Community https://www.facebook.com/groups/1335341783184247/


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