7 ways to start a GREAT day

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Love them or hate them, mornings are inevitable. Some burst out of their slumber with renewed vigour, some crawl from their foetal position and take an eternity to get going. Some need mood enhancers ie coffee or cigarettes, some can’t communicate to another human until significant time has passed.

By the time some have arrived at their place of work – they feel they’ve done a full days work with kids, animals to sort out, a agonizing commute, with conference calls on the way and some have had the underground to contend with. Others choose the commute from the bedroom to their home office – there is always a choice!

Take a few minutes and consider planning the start of your day. Try one or all of these tips any day of the week or combine them, you will start the day you choose, prepared and ready to make it a great day!

1. Plan the night before. Why start your day disorganised? If you organise your to-do-list, breakfast menu and your clothes the night before, you’ll wake up feeling in control and relaxed. Taking 20 minutes to plan  can save you a 20-minute fashion crisis or panicked search for the car keys. With a little time efficiency, you’ll save the frustration and start better in control and more importantly calm.

2. Try 15 minutes of meditation. Some might be afraid that a meditation session early in the morning could just put you back to sleep. But genuine meditation actually stimulates the brain in a deep and thoughtful way. It allows you to clear distractions from your mind and purge negative energy.

3.  Ditch the newspaper! Begin with positive inspirational reading. My morning ritual includes what I have learned to call the “hour of power” – 20 minutes each of reading something uplifting and inspirational, 20 minutes of meditation & 20 minutes of excercise.Buy a few books that are uplifting, inspiring, or even funny for your first brain stimulus. This will give you positive, fun thoughts to keep you energized throughout the day.

4. Open your eyes to fresh flowers. If the first thing you see when you wake up is a dingy wall or barren winter yard, you can certainly improve those critical few minutes with a pleasing splash of color. Research suggests that exposure to bright colors in the early morning raises your spirits and energy. So pick up a pleasant bouquet every few days and set it right in your view.

5. Switch coffee for green tea. Coffee is a great stimulant, but sometimes it can over-stimulate and the acid can make your stomach uncomfortable. Try a soothing cup of green tea to start instead. You’ll still get the caffeine you crave (just a bit less), plus healthy antioxidants. It’s cheaper and healthier too.

6. Back to the Hour of power. Exercise is a great stimulant to wake you up, and make you feel good. It’s good for the body and pumping those endorphins makes your mind happy and alert.  Cardio is great, but it doesn’t have to be cardio, but for the whole body approach, add a little yoga into your routine. You’ll control your breath, stretch your muscles and generate energy. Your body and mind will be one and ready to conquer the world.

7. Schedule a new appointment. I never feel more energized getting out of bed than when I have an important meeting about an exciting opportunity. The prospect of a fun and useful connection usually wakes me with a smile and often without an alarm clock. I purposefully schedule as many meetings like this as possible. That way I get as many great days as I want.

So have one small positive thought in the morning, plan it better and it could have a monumental impact on changing the direction and outcome of your day!

Have a happy day.



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