Respect to all the London Marathon runners

Total respect to everyone who was there – runners and supporters alike.

I did finish the 2012 London Marathon and it was one of the most amazing thing I have achieved. I was not, and still am not a runner, but we did it as a bit of a dare (got a little tipsy at my wedding – thought it was a good idea) Honestly didn’t think we’d (me and my BFF) would get a place. Ha! I blame the champagne! Well before you could say ‘no way! did I say that” the children all thought it was hysterical and off we went.

Did you notice I said finish – not run? I had a walk / run plan and stuck to it!

Normally a … lets leave everything to the last-minute and see how it all pans out kind of person, this is what I planned for. I wrote a blog to keep me accountable, the deal was every time I ran I had to blog, so my friends, husband and not forgetting the hysterical kids could make sure I was on track and not blagging – one of my favourite pastimes!

Here is the 2011 / 2012 evidence: dcmarathonrunner.

I was on the beach in Cornwall on Sunday for this years marathon and my heart goes out to all those who ran! The amazingly brilliant and always irritating Helen Skelton for looking so fab and funny as she was running and finishing the race and all the thousands of people who ran and supported on the day.

It was a glorious day. I was on the beach!


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