Fall in love not in line

Fall in love with what you do.

Fall in love with your friends and family.

Fall in love with yourself!

Fall in love with life and do not fall in line.



Have you ever noticed the difference in attitude between people who are content with their lives and people who are in love with their lives? It is a massive difference, and one of the biggest differences is in the quality of life they experience.

Love & tolerance

There are basically 3 types of attitudes you can have towards your own life:

  1. you can love it
  2. you can tolerate it
  3. or you can hate it.

If you are in the last two categories, then you probably make the number one huge mistake unhappy people make: acceptance 😦

Fundamentally, anything that doesn’t bring you joy is a thing which brings you down. Have you ever noticed how it feels when you do something because you really want to? You feel awesome and really enthusiastic about it.

And how do you feel when you do something just because someone asks you to, even though you would rather do something else instead? The attitude you have is totally different and your energy level is low.

How do you expect to do a great job with anything if you start off with a low energy level? Most likely you will pull things through, but only get a mediocre result.

So make a positive choice, DECIDE and choose to live life! Fall in love with life and not in line 🙂

Have a happy day.



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