I am the one and only!

I love listening to Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2 – the children and I love his humour and music.

Friday morning’s on his “surprise” guest was the singer and one hit wonder Chesney Hawkes, and their conversation was to focus on how he, had dealt with the impact, effect of being a massive one hit wonder.

This is a quote from Wikipedia:
Hawkes was unable to follow up on this success, and is largely remembered as a one-hit wonder. Indeed, in retrospect, the fact that the song’s title was “The One and Only” has proved to be poetic justice, and the song is often used to personify one-hit wonders.

I guess you’d assume he would be frustrated, still ambitious

He still writes for other people, still performs and goes on tour. He loves his music, he may still have another massive hit. But he has his priorities right! His words – seriously.

So my message today, hold onto your dreams and make sure you get your priorities right!

Interesting his “one hit wonder” still brings him a reoccurring income. He has global awareness. – interesting – I’ll comer back to that one…

Enjoy the memories…

Have a brilliant day and stay in touch and so please let me know what you think.




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