When is hard too hard?

I cannot take credit for this – I have taken this from a lady called Debbie Neal.

HARD is working for someone else.
HARD is commuting back and forth when you can be home with your family.
HARD is not having the CHOICE to be home when your children are sick.
HARD is not having the choice to be with someone in your family who is sick and needs and wants you by their bedside.
HARD is realizing you ONLY have 18 summers with your children and missing lifetime events and moments that you can NEVER get back!
HARD is waking up to an alarm clock.
HARD is not having control over your life.
HARD is being a bottom line in someone else’s company.
HARD is making someone else wealthy when you sit there and wait to see if you will get a raise, get promoted, or move up in the world because someone else has control over your wealth in this world.
HARD is living in fear.
HARD is dying with regret.
HARD is letting something you believe in and LOVE go because you are afraid to go after it with all you have.
Ive seen hard, believe me I have…THIS IS EASY!
Sometimes we need see HARD right in the face so we can appreciate what comes our way!!!!
Sharing the OPPORTUNITY of a lifetime is NOT HARD!
Sharing products that WILL help people be healthy is NOT hard.
Sharing this GIFT that can be a LIFELINE and change someones life FOREVER, is not hard!!

Her MLM business has given me a lifestyle that others can only dream about. It has given me CHOICES.
Her MLM business equals FREEDOM my friends!!
Here is the thing about freedom, it is never free.
What are YOU willing to do, to have what you have never had?
What is YOUR freedom worth??!!!

Think about it…




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