4 pillars of leadership

Its really simple – honestly!

I was once told that the difference between management and leadership is simple. Managers do things right and leaders do the right thing. It struck a chord with me, left an imprint and I think of it often.

My personal view is that leaders are born and have an innate skill, they can learn new skills and adapt existing skills, but they either have it or they don’t.  Maybe a little controversial – but that’s it.

You see I have met and worked with many managers and many leaders – a few inspired me, but alarmingly there were only a few.

So after much internalizing I believe you can summarise the 4 pillars of leadership as these. One must have:

1. Strategic Vision With Adaptation

2. Strategic Values

3. Investment In Talent

4. Disciplined And Relentless Execution (easier said than done!)

I said it was simple – I didn’t say it was easy!

Have a brilliant day and stay in touch and so please let me know what you think.

Linda xox



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