How does it work?

A Lady asked me yesterday, “so what’s the difference with Arbonne?”


“Well, I said, did you take a shower today, wash your hair, put on some face/eye cream, apply make-up, buy a gift perhaps?” She said “Yes”.

I asked her if she got paid by the Company that she bought the products from, for using them. She said “No”.

“Well that’s the difference,” I told her, “because every time I shower, wash my hair, put on my face/body creams, put on make-up, buy a gift, I get paid!”

That’s how our business works – SIMPLE. All I do is show people how to redirect their consumer spending. They’re buying this stuff already – our “stuff” is just better… When they run out of something they just order online, pay online and get it delivered straight to them. I don’t touch their money, their product and I do NOT deliver. All I need is my mobile phone and my lap top, and some products to show case.  Its about a lot of people doing a little and building a huge consumer network.

Think about it…




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