My very successful friend who is currently falling apart

Picture this – she’s bold, brash and gets results. She laughs loudly and builds great relationships. She knows may people and has few friends. She’s always been a high achieving alpha female. She’s in her 40s, and ok with that. She’ll never see a size 14 again and she wishes she was.

She is loved by her husband, her children and her friends. She lives in a gorgeous home and has everything you’d think she wanted. She has always done too much. It was her “thing”.

Now though, she has days when she can’t leave the house, wants to sleep all day and wants to watch TV for the rest. My very successful friend who is currently falling apart.

Menopause came without any symptoms. The doctor has said there is a chemical imbalance in her head and she just needs to sort out the “imbalance”.  So she has antidepressants and is struggling with that!

She’s always done everything for everyone and she is TIRED. I know her well, this is not a midlife crisis, and it appears to be happening to so many at this stage of their lives. Are they just too tired? Do we expect, and do they do too much?

I have heard of many people in our wider circle who have heard of people taking their own lives – because, well who knows why. Were they overwhelmed and are our expectation just too high as they have done so much for so long?

I’ll keep you posted. L xox

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