Move over you’re a bully!

Following on from my previous blog on bullying : I thought I’d update you.

It doesn’t stop just because we are no longer at school.

It doesn’t stop because maybe we’re bigger / taller than them.

It doesn’t stop just because I may be a woman.

She may have been half my size but do you know what, I was bullied recently.

She was passive aggressive, she raised her voice – although she claimed she did not.

She raised her voice and shouted – although she said she did not.

She ranted – although she said she did not.

She talked over me – although she kept saying (as she was doing it) that she was not.

She threatened to put the phone down – although she did not.

She then got defensive and then tearful.

I told her calmly that I would not be spoken to like that and then I calmly terminated the call. Then I had a cry, then a made a cuppa and got on with my day.

 She then got her husband to phone me and he told me how upset she was! Serioulsy pahetic!

Isn’t it funny. I’m tall, some would describe as large, a big personality. I’m quite quiet, like to keep my own counsel, but when challenged do not take prisioners and do not suffer fools gladly.

But because of this when I stand up for myself I am “difficult” and “aggressive”. I would reframe that statement as I stand my ground and stand up for myself.

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