Be a fearless failure



So if failure is simply getting it wrong more times than the other person then sign me up!

But failure is wrapped up in so many other layers? I’m NO psychologist – the closest I came was an A/O level about a million years ago in child psychology! But I am a people watcher, a collector of interesting relationships and a people person.

I started my MLM business about 4 years ago, and I told EVERYONE that I was NOT in sales, but I have learned (the hard way) that we are all in sales, we spend our lives selling ourselves, our business, our experience, our lives. Not in a torrid way, but this is what we do every single day! So I have learned. Its been hard – I’m not one to follow a path, I’m stubborn, like to do it my way, but I have learned.

I suppose its on my mind at the moment as there are 2 things going on at the moment:

1) my 17 year old daughter is applying for university, preparing a “personal statement” and applying for part time jobs, and seeking a job to “do” the ski season – in her gap year! She is also going on lots of model castings – the “go sees” and she says quite confidently that its a numbers game, and “you’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs!” (that sounds familiar, think she’s been listening to some of my coaching calls)

and 2) an old friend (she’s not old, we’ve just known each other a while) has joined my MLM team and as I train and orientated her in our brilliant business I recognise all the ex corporate challenges, questions and ideas she has that I had, so whilst I attempt to navigate through the questions and lean from my mistakes it just gets you thinking.

We are all in sales – my daughter is probably the most cognizant as they discuss it at school, we’re in all in sales. She’s selling her talent, her qualifications and what she can bring to a prospective university, employer and model agent. We sell ourselves every day – some of us and the situations are just more obvious.

The brilliant slide that show us that perseverance is what counts is poignant:


So its back to that brilliant question – what would you do if you KNEW you would not fail?

Have a brilliant day and stay in touch and so please let me know what you think.



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