Portfolio career: Trend or just an excuse?

I tell people I have a portfolio career, and it is something I am proud of. I get choose the work I do and reject the work I do not. I get to do the BEST things. It’s not easy, but it is a pleasure and there is a sense of achievement and control.

Marci Alboher, author of “One Person/Multiple Careers,” defines slashers” as individuals who’ve created a “portfolio career” involving multiple identities. Their income comes from part-time employment, temporary work, freelance assignments or a personal business—or they work a full-time job, while pursuing other lucrative interests. (Source: Forbes)

These days with the economic climate as it is, I would recommend everyone looks to combining your passion with opportunities so that you can benefit from the best of both worlds.
I love combining all of the things that I do, blending the skills.  I enjoy being flexible and current. I struggle sometimes with the “balance” as with technology we’re all available 24/7, but it wouldn’t be fun if there wasn’t a challenge or 2!

Why I have a portfolio career?

I seemed kind of cool when I started using the phrase “portfolio career” now it seems very fashionable and is fast becoming the choice for many people. So trend or excuse? If like me you like constant change, creativity, flexibility and stimulation then running several different businesses that have some synergy with similar skills then perhaps a portfolio career is right for you.

I enjoyed my corporate roles, I loved the leadership roles, the fixing, the turnaround, the continuous improvement, the stepped change and the culture challenges. I loved taking people on the journey, but I did not enjoy making so many people redundant!

Now I love the flexibility, the variety of work, the people and the lack of politics!

How can you make a portfolio career work for you?

Well firstly don’t just jump – there should be a plan. So discover your passions and work out how you connect them all.

  • Ask if you like to do the same things or if you like difference every day?
  • Outsource the stuff you hate doing

To be effective with a portfolio career, you are probably flexible, organized, creative, love difference and good at spinning plates!

What happens if you are in full-time work and want to follow a passion part-time?

Some people love the security of a full-time job, whilst wanting to either pursue a passion which could make them a bit more cash or they simply want to earn more cash from something like a MLM (multi level marketing) company or network marketing opportunity.

Check out whether under your employment contract you’re allowed to! Usually as long as there is no conflict of interest and you are hitting your performance goals it should be ok.

Make sure your part-time role is something you love doing, otherwise it will be a drain on your energy and resources. Remember it makes a better story if you make a success of your part-time “thing” whilst working full-time.

In our global economic climate as it is, I would highly recommend looking at combining passions and opportunities so that you can protect and balance your life & livelihood. And there are tax breaks – now who couldn’t do with a bit of that?

I love combining all the things I love to do – love the whole portfolio career thing – what about you?

Remember: MLM isn’t for everyone and it takes work, determination & perseverance. I position it as a 5 year plan and it is work – and it is so much FUN!

Have a brilliant day and stay in touch..




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One Response to Portfolio career: Trend or just an excuse?

  1. Great article, the rise in portfolio careers can be helped by a greater endorsement of flexible working. There still seems to be a certain stigma surrounding flexible working, and this seems odd when you consider that flexible working can benefit both workers and employees.

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