The New Social Franchise: Network Marketing

I have a business that I love, I work with people I like and respect and I get to work the hours I want to and I am building a business that will leave a legacy.

What’s the old phrase… find a job you love and you’ll never work another day in your life! Well, I’m not sure I subscribe to that precisely, but I get it!

I had the trappings of a corporate role, and as a play on words I was trapped. Trapped by the financial restraints, the need, I guess the greed and the desire. I NEVER EVER EVER thought I would find myself doing network marketing!!! I thought it was (forgive me) for people who couldn’t get real jobs. people / women who were “playing” at it – and there was NO WAY I was ever doing a party! How wrong was I?

I believe sometimes opportunity turns up when you are least expecting it and wrapped up in all sorts of different packaging.

Well MLM or network marketing is here to stay. FACT!  Wrap it up how you want but we all buy stuff. We buy it mainly from places we know and recognise, and we LIKE to buy the stuff from people who know, like and most importantly TRUST!

I have taken the following 12 points that I think are brilliant from God Ray Spotts (, outlined he outlined the 12 Critical Elements in determining what a solid network marketing company should look like. (Read more:

1. Integrity of the owner. Most important & more important than all others combined
2. Does the owner have prior network marketing experience or background?
3. Capitalization for expansion
4. Do the products or company ‘tell a story’? Facts Tell – Stories Sell
5. Unique products or service. No ‘me too’ products – patented & proprietary
6. Do they manufacture their own products? Gives control over production without copying
7. Daily consumable products
8. Timing is critical – $50 million in annual sales is the beginning of real momentum
9. Balanced compensation plan – small, medium, & large levels of distributor compensation
10. International opportunities
11. Distributor support systems – corporate website, back office, marketing materials & training
12. Company infrastructure – a solid executive team with the appropriate track record & experience.

I choose a network marketing company that had a market leading, prestige (blogged by Vogue) CONSUMABLE product and have built a huge consumer base or customers who love our product and who simply put, continue to buy it when they run out! We may be in a global recession but the people I know will continue to have a shower every day, wash their hair & body and put something on their faces – irrespective of a recession!

I looked at the business structure, their infrastructure and their distribution model. I looked at the global expansion opportunity, their product differential and the type of people getting involved.

So use the 12 tips and choose carefully!

Arbonne was recognised by the DSA (Direct Selling Association) as being in the Top 20 globally – and they are only in 4 countries!

MLM isn’t for everyone and it takes work, determination & perseverance. I position it as a 5 year plan and it is work – and it is so much FUN!

Have a brilliant day and stay in touch..




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