Christmas at Costa in November?

Christmas has come early at Costa!


There I was – I had 40 minutes to kill. Seriously though when do working mums ever had 40 minutes to kill!

So there I was – a medium skinny cappuccino was on my mind and they got me, I fell for it – the marketing angle and I fell – hook line and sinker. I ordered the MASSIVE sized coffee in the take out cup and all because I wanted / had to have in my life the christmas styled / looks like a santa outfit cup! (see below) . So in less than me it worked on me, and at least 3 other people in the post school run, dash to work coffee queue.

Don’t get me wrong I am a NERO fan, love the Italian blend, LOVE the staff, love the micro community in there. Love that they know my name and my drink, and when I’m on a call and go straight to a table to finish the call, they have been known to bring the coffee over without me even asking! So I am a sucker for recognition and great customer service, remember that old weekly series called Cheers in the 80’s – love that! So if they can get it SO right, how can so many get it so wrong?

I spend a lot of my new style / self-employed life in coffee shops, like many of my friends and colleagues. Coffee shops have become our new board room, just with better coffee! (think I’ll come back to that one!)

People contact me and suggest coffee, I do it as well, and it is a sifter option to: “I’d like to talk to you, catch up with you, meet with you as there is something I need / want to talk to you about? Has it become a surreptitiously become a gentler or softer way of asking for a business meeting with someone or am I just over thinking it – all because I had 40 minutes to kill?

Have a brilliant day and stay in touch..








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