3 reasons to leave a legacy

Legacy is often considered in financial terms, also in values and integrity.

It was just me and 2 little girls for over 10 years, I did not wear the single mum as badge a badge of honour I just got on with it! My reason was always just about them.

Like many I worked hard, very hard, there wasn’t room for anyone else until mr wonderful came along. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t a recluse I just shopped a lot and drank Rioja! (there was a happy end as Mr Wonderful came into our lives nearly 5 years ago – but that’s a whole different story – bring on the wine!)

My girls and I are close, their friends call us “tight”. We mess around like everyone else, I scream at them occasionally (more than I would admit to). I believe and they do too, that you should never go to bed on a cross word, and always make up. We “hug it out” often!  We dance in the kitchen at breakfast time, and sometimes just sometimes I let them have cake (from Nero) for breakfast! They were also brought up on 1980s disco – for which I make no apologies!!

So 4 years ago I decided to start to build a business that I can pass on to my girls.  A business that will show them that it is possible to be successful outside of the box.
For over 20 years (I am really old) I lived and worked in the corporate box, helping to fulfill and maintain the dreams of others.  Streamlining their companies so that they were more efficient and easier to steer through the economic climate, you all know what that means.  However it left me feeling that there had to be something more.  Something with a bit of class and finesse, but that I could get my teeth into and would give me the satisfaction of success.

I hate to say this out loud but I used to live in Space NK (like Sephora for those of you across the pond), I knew enough about skin care to know that there was a wonder product out there and if I bought enough items, I might find it.   I spent a fortune and didn’t always come away, shall we say satisfied.  It was a good friend of mine who handed me a little Golden bag, how was I supposed to know my future was in it.

I found a business model, that I can genuinely say, I get out exactly what I put in and the same is universally true for all those involved, on each level.  If you are used to working hard, it’ll work for you – the difference with this is that the work is fun.  Network marketing is not for the faint of heart, but you can learn so much about yourself, not to mention discovering previously unsuspected abilities.

You know that old adage find a job you love and you’ll never work another day in your life.  Well I did!

More importantly I guess I am leaving a legacy for my girls, yes of course a financial legacy, but also one of fun, compassion, being straight talkers, doing the right thing, refusing to tolerate toxic behaviour and toxic people. Standing up and being proud. Generous in heart and compassionate with people.

Life is about laughing & living in good & bad times. Getting through whatever comes our way & looking back with a smile.

My very simple 3 tops tips:

Leave a legacy of excellence, encouragement, purpose & love

Be remembered for something fabulous, something to make people smile, be happier.

Leave a financial legacy, whether it be a simple donation to a cause that was close to your heart, or a fund for your loved ones to benefit from after you have gone.

What about a living legacy (just a thought) – just a simple way of doing it (whatever it is) better, kinder, more compassionately.

Find something you love and do that. Do the best job you can possibly do. Be the best person you possibly can be.

Have a super day and stay in touch.




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