5 simple ways to stand out on LinkedIn

Ok so I could be all professional and recommend 5 very sensible ways to stand out and they would be:

  1. Killer attention grabbing headline
  2. Fabulous photo
  3. Over 500 genuine & brilliant contacts (not rent a crowd)
  4. Brilliant and well written testimonials
  5. Structured experience that evidences the execution of exacting deliverables

Well that was simple, so why don’t we?

All of these are essential for a brilliant LinkedIn profile. BUT it takes time and perseverance and its not simply a quick task that gets fitted in around other tasks. Think of it as your window to the world. It can evolve organically and this takes time. You may not want to show it all straight away – think of it like a first date, good to keep some back! In the name of intrigue and getting the date / I mean reader interested.

I was LinkedIn stalking aka researching this morning in the sunshine with a cuppa and I noticed this: people, some great people in my industry with BLAND or very vanilla profiles. Profiles that quite honestly did not do them justice. No business testimonials, nor were there any team referenced testimonials. If this is their window to the world, their opportunity through social media to evidence to a GLOBAL market that they’re a great person, with great skills and a brilliant leader, and they want to recruit and appeal to a global team – then surely they are missing a trick? It’s not my job to point it out, but you’d think that people would use all the tools to support their business, build their personal brand and find their voice.

Just saying…


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