Cheesy to retire at 50!

Cheese matures with age….not my cheese. He’s decided and I’ve promised… better get my skates on.

I attended a great and thought-provoking FREE training on Monday – Carie Lyndene – The Success Coach. She made some great points, some brilliant points, and the biggest takeaway was this.

I have life goals, personal targets, business targets, not really a bucket list – but stuff I want to do and achieve. Most of my plans revolved around my lovely girls, that is until I met the wonderful Cheesy, now married to the only man who ever “got me” there is now better balance – which in itself is great.

So the simple takeaways were these:

What would and extra £500 a month GUARANTEED mean to me a month? An extra £500, £1000, £2500, £5000, £10,000 and then £100,000. It really focused the mind.

These are my answers:

£500 – Skiing fund (February, Val Thorens, 3 Valleys – all 7 of us)

£1000 – Lauren & Anna university fees

£2500 – Home in Cornwall overlooking the water, so I can hear the waves from bed.

£5000 – Cheesy stops work

£10,000 – 2 x 1 month holidays per year plus all above

£100,000 – help out all kids

Cheesy & I in my favourite getaway.


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