4 steps to creating your personal brand – and why it matters so much


Define it, earn it, own it and don’t be afraid to promote it: creating and maintaining a mental shortcut of yourself will enhance your chances of celebration, recognition & promotion.

It’s not JUST about what you say and do. It’s also what is online. Think about it, we don’t just use a CV anymore. It’s common place to review a CV, check out LinkedIn, look at Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter. An employer will invest time, money, build a relationship in selecting the right person, and will want to know they have picked the best person for the role. Likewise if you’re team building you’ll want to be reassured you are choosing a team player – not just a player!

Imagine 20 CVs all with great experience, so you check other the other media listed above – this is all part of the sifting process – so what does yours say?

There are some horror stories circulating about Gen Y’s who have missed out on great roles, because of the posts on their Facebook! So glad they didn’t have FB when I was in my 20s!

In today’s world, information about you is just a few clicks away. Even when you don’t know people are looking, they are, and they’re making quick judgments. So, more than ever, women need to take control of their personal brand.

What is a brand?

At its core, it’s a shortcut or expectation about what a product or person represents. Look at Oprah – what does she say to you? Look at Kate Moss – would you want her to represent you? Think of the shortcuts your mind uses with people you don’t know well. What mental shortcut should people use when they think of you? Here’s a three-step approach to developing your brand.

1. Define it on your LinkedIn

What is your headline, snapshot – how do you want to be remembered? “Global blogger” “Top dog at xx Inc.” “Big cheese in marketing” “Guru” “Data analysis genius”?  Review your strengths. Think beyond skills – what are you knowledgeable about? Have insight in a particular market? Or industry, or country? Once you’ve brainstormed your headline, and you can state it, ask yourself if it: • Is genuine & authentic. Your brand hinges on trust, so you need to be able to back it up with real results that naturally reflect who you are. “Be yourself — everyone else is taken and replicas don’t sell for as much,” says Dan Schawbel, author of Promote Yourself. • Is it differentiated? What makes you special? What do you offer that is rare and valuable?

2. Earn it

You need to deliver. Here are a few strategies to help:

Become really, really good at what differentiates you. Or, as Steve Martin said, be “so good they can’t ignore you”. Whether it’s honing your skill-set through online classes or seeking out work strategically to help make you the best, think of building expertise as a daily exercise. Make your work visible. Focus on high-impact work that will likely have visible results. Be consistent. People, love them or not – they are watching. Every move you make either reinforces your brand or violates it. So be consistent & authentic.

3. Own it

Its your brand – own it. Its yours, you created it. If you don’t like it – you can change it. Step up and be accountable, don’t make excuses – no one respects the victim mentality.

4. Promote it

How should you share your personal brand?

Make a decision to be visible.  Whether it’s through social profiles and/or a personal website, make sure people can find you. Remain consistent. Make sure all of your social channels use the same profile picture, for example, to make your brand more easily recognisable online. Go the extra mile and be helpful. Use Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media to share genuinely useful content. It should reinforce what you stand for, without being self-promotional. Use blogging to help & support you are a thought leader.

Your brand is nothing less than your reputation; the mental shorthand people use when they think of you. Define it well, earn it diligently and promote it tastefully and you will have an asset that pays dividends over a lifetime.


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