3 steps that sucessful people follow

Decide today: do you want to be a successful person, in whatever you decide to do. It may to be a successful parent, student, charity worked, college graduate, volunteer or you may decide to be a successful business person, so you decide! But here’s the magic – keep it SIMPLE!

But decide, take action and be self aware and resilient to acknowledge and accept that maybe the original plan may need “tweaking” along the way.

  1. Act
  2. Learn
  3. Build

Repeat. This is what defeats uncertainty…providing that you actually start and try to make your idea a reality.

“If you look at successful people, you’ll find they followed these steps. They started with a target, because you can’t hit one if you don’t have one. They took action, because just knowing isn’t enough. They had the ability to read others, to know what response they were getting. And they kept adapting, kept adjusting, kept challenging their behavior until they found what worked.” Tony Robbins

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