LinkedIn: your window to the world – MORE reasons to bother!

I had the BEST day today. Let me explain… I was asked to help a lady I had met with her LinkedIn profile. I had presented a free 90 minute workshop on the simplicity of LinkedIn and how to make it work for you (see previous blog). Anyway I had prepared, researched her profile. I was early and set in the car and made some calls.

She arrived home, gestured me into the house and had prepared lunch! When does that ever happen these days? What followed in the next 150 minutes was just delightful. I spent the first 40 minutes just learning about her life. It transpires she lost her mother and father, then her husband to MS. Her home was just lovely and we sat and got to know each other. She’s downsizing, moving away from her home of 25 years to be with her family. She’s nearly 70, a great grandmother and so doesn’t look it!

So after about 80 minutes of talking I started tweaking, so we’ve played with her profile, made it more FUN and a better representation of her. Its work in progress and I believe I have made a new friend. She is an inspiration.

So today, I have shared the questioning tools that I used to develop a profile that best represented her – please use and share. It takes time to build a great profile, don’t over think it – keep it real. You may read it and think, really? Is that it? My answer would be ABSOLUTLEY! Most people over think the profile, the language, the structure.

LinkedIn Pre work– YOUR window to the world

Make sure you know your user name & password!! Search yourself – make sure you haven’t created multiple profiles in your haste.

Print off the last CV you completed

If you have a performance review print it off and lets look at the language that was used. People find it difficult to say great things about themselves its always easier to get a 3rd party to contribute.

Ask your friends / people you trust what words they would use to describe you.

Have a think about the ideas below to stimulate your thinking & get prepared.

Best copy cat wins!

Fundamental issues to consider:

·      What do you want to achieve from your LinkedIn profile?

·      How do you want to be presented?

·      What do you want the reader to think?

·      What do you want the reader to do?

Things to stimulate your thinking & approach?

·      What is your strap line / power statement?

·      Translate your “elevator pitch” into your headline.

·      Who you admire / respect?

·      Who are you inspired by? Who in your industry?

·      Why?

·      What words do your friends use to describe you?

·      What attributes and skills do you have?

·      What are you most proud of?


·      Who inspires you?

·      Who do you like?

·      Who would you like to keep in contact with?

·      Who is a thought leader?

·      Who would help and support you with your business?

·      Would you like to connect with?

·      Who would you like to support you?


·      Who to ask?

·      Who do you like?

Its interesting we work for “rival” MLMs, we both love our choice of business. Love our respective businesses, and I was able to help & support her and more importantly emphasise and provide insight.

As an afterthought really, I had a call from a friend who overthinks everything, she is lovely over worrys and has convinced herself that she needs to master social media to be successful. I shared my day with her and I hope she took the great messages. That social media doesn’t have to be hard, anyone can do it, the key is to keep it simple, use language that you would use and never ever cut and paste from your CV – where’s the fun in that?

This blog has been written as part of the I AM WOMAN 30day blog and LinkedIn challenge

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6 Responses to LinkedIn: your window to the world – MORE reasons to bother!

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  2. Jacqui Malpass says:

    Great article and some good questions. LinkedIn is working for me. I recently got an amazing opportunity through it.

  3. Thanks Jacqui – think I’m finding my voice

  4. Dr Bridget says:

    Some really helpful advise here. I’m going to be looking at mine again and think about what I want people to do when they read my profile. Thanks

  5. Fiona Scott says:

    I really enjoyed this Linda, I love social media and am a Twitter freak particularly. I’m okay on Linked In but know I’m not utilising this to its highest potential. So I’m happy to learn more about it and today I have – thanks to you! I’ve also shared this too.

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