Soya I am so over it!

Ok I tried it in Vegas – my morning shot, waiting at Starbucks at the MGM Grand and queuing at 6:15 AM for a coffee in a line that was 12 people deep! Really? I couldn’t sleep, always hate jet lag, and love my first skinny cappo of the day and love love love Las Vegas.

I was there on business with colleagues and friends, who have both cut out dairy, (for different reasons) so I tried it – thought it was ok. Actually quite liked the idea of doing something semi- healthy, because every year we go for 5 – 6 days and not a vegetable passes out lips.

Got home, managed to remember in my local Nero (love Nero) to asked for Soya. My Nero ( yes it’s mine) I have a favourite comfy chair by the door, where I can watch the world go by between calls & emails.  Love people watching. I really really like the fact that when they’re busy I just go and sit down and get on with whatever I need to do, and intend to get a coffee when the queue dies down, 9 times out of 10 my “favourite skinny cappo” is deposited to my table without me saying a word.

The black T-shirts come and go, the maroon (trainee) T-shirts appear momentarily, but still I get the same brilliant service.

I have bought it for home, even tried the rice milk, tried the tofu milk, tried the almond milk – didn’t persevere long enough and always go back to semi skimmed milk.

So funny as anything, we all went in this weekend, me, husband, 4 of the 5 children, a new Italian foreign language student and the brilliant Rob (manager) asks “soya?” I screw my face up, scrunch up my nose as if to say “NO!” and he comes out with a bold as brass statement.

So everyone, Linda is “so over soya” – couldn’t have said it better myself! 🙂

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