LinkedIn: your window to the world – 5 reasons to bother!

Employed, self employed, unemployed, looking for new opportunities, consultant, coach, career break, entrepreneur, solopreneur, intropreneur? OMG where to start?

So you remember friends reunited (what happened to that) you’ve got the hang of face book, twitter is a bit weird, pinterest leaves you cold and then there’s LinkedIn! Where to start???

So here’s an easy way to think about it – Facebook for business. keeping in touch with the business contacts you like, you’d like to know, or just to keep in touch with business connections you’d rather not lose contact with. Opt in or out – your call, but just be mindful of the fact that it is your window to the world – to dress it how you chose. A CV with global reach – WOW!

It works for me – I now am lucky enough to have a portfolio career – I have 3 areas of business that I love, and that stimulates me.

Don’t worry about a label – be true to yourself. Find your tag line and change it as often as you wish. Change it to suit your mood, your approach, your marketing strategy. Like shoes…. make an impact, it won’t work for everyone but some will love it.

5 Reason to bother:

  1. Reach out method:

It is 277% more effective than Facebook or Twitter at getting new business. (Source:  Hubspot research of 5198 B2B & B2C companies). It works if you do it right!

2.   Representing the best version of YOU:

Your headshot is critical. If you don’t have one the reader assumes you are either inept or just plain ugly – you choose!

People spend 19% of the time looking at your photo – it is THE most important element. Having a photo drives 30% more response than not having one! If you’re struggling to get your head around it think about internet dating (that’s a whole other blog). You would think about starting a conversation with anyone who didn’t have a photo, or who was just plain ugly, now would you??

3.   Connection strategy

You choose, is it an extension of FB for you? Is it a popularity competition? Connect with anyone with a pulse, or just the good-looking ones? Decide. I recommend connecting with people you know, like and trust and those you can vouch for, it gives you and your connections gravitas.

4.    Contact strategy

Remember everyone has a yellow post it on their head that states “make me feel important.” So if you are asking to connect make it personal, if you can’t be bothered, why should they?

5.    Its your window to the world

Be memorable not vanilla. Develop your personality online and be authentic. DON”T just upload your CV.

Think about it, I am a mum but it does not define me, I am a network marketer but it does not define me. I am a business club director but it does bot define me. I am an RVP with Arbonne and it does not define me. I have a brilliant Bristol & home based business – but its not the only thing I do.

Most importantly have fun with it – it is your window to the world.


Linda xox

This blog has been written as part of the I AM WOMAN 30day blog and LinkedIn challenge

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5 Responses to LinkedIn: your window to the world – 5 reasons to bother!

  1. Randy Mundt says:

    Thank you. This is a really well written article in which I was able to pick up some great golden nuggets. I look forward to reading more!

  2. I am loving learning from you Linda 🙂

  3. jaqui2013 says:

    Really helpful. I am on LinkedIn and am joining in on discussion boards etc, so helpful to get more tips

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