Its NOT all about me…

Linda, 48, 6’1″ tall – taller in Jimmy Choos! Some say funny, addicted to Walkers Sweet Thai Chilli sensations. Loves walking on the beach in Cormwall, but I’d slum it in the Indian Ocean if you made me!

Would really like a dog – a brown cockerpoo and we’ll call her Lola  – guess what she’ll be a show girl! (that one’s for you TB to remind you about seeing Barry Manilow in Vegas with our glow sticks!)

Brought 2 amazing girls into the world who I am proud to call my daughters. Married the only guy who ever really got me – the love of my life 2 years ago.

Best friend to Fran, Tracey & Jules who I love with all my heart.

Privileged to call TB my friend, business partner and Vegas buddy – love her too!

Did the London Marathon last year, just because I got a little drunk at our wedding in 2011 and someone dared us! I said I did it – didn’t run the whole way! Launching a new business club in Cheltenham next week – got to admit, just a little scared half to death!!

I learned from my dad that shouting does not work – see previous blog!

My mum showed me never to go to sleep without hugging it out!
I always just wanted to lead people – it started with the junior christmas ballet / dance show and never stopped!

Fear of failing my girls – don’t get me started I’ll cry.

I cried this morning when catching up over coffee with newly pregnant & engaged Gail Preece. Gotta love a happy ending!

I loved to read historical fiction when I was younger and loved the trilogy by Vera Brittain Testament of Youth. Changed my view on life!

Guilty pleasure is crime drama – got to love NCIS

Optimist or a pessimist? My cup is always brimming over – life is way too short.
I always phone BFF Fran when a need a sounding board and I’m just being plain stupid!

I have a crisis of confidence when people are just plain mean to me 😦

My advice to me – STOP being so over sensitive and get over it!

Best advice to you all – do what makes you happy 🙂

And just for fun,  I am famous for the fact that I can wiggle my ears?

So – what questions have you got for me?

This has been written as part of the I am woman 30 day blog & LinkedIn challenge

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9 Responses to Its NOT all about me…

  1. Jacqui Malpass says:

    I have got to see the ears wiggle!!

    That is fab! I love it, now I am feeling inspired

  2. Maya Northen says:

    This is great! Ironically (or maybe coincidentally) I was thinking of writing a “about your blogger” kind of list on my blog today! I guess something’s in the air. I love that you mixed funny, with deeper thoughts, with random “talents”, and everything in between.

  3. Sheila Leahy says:

    Cor Linda, the secrets are out now – who would have thought we both have a secret pash for NCIS – is it Anthony De Nozzo or Gibbs – or both?

  4. Dr Bridget says:

    Great randomings. Is that a word? Looking forward to IAW in Cheltenham with you leading the show!! X

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