3 secrets to raise the bar & set the standard in MLM

I am a professional network marketer and proud! There I said it!

I would not have said it 5 years ago, as there is NO WAY I would have ever done anything like this, as out of sheer ignorance I thought MLM was for people who couldn’t get real jobs! I have learned that there is a brilliant world outside of corporate business.

I have come across aggressive sales people, unpleasant and inauthentic people in all worlds! People who give our business a bad name. I have struggled with it, agonised over it and then (I hope) to have found peace with it.  I have leaned that people will build a relationship with, a friendship with, buy from, and transact with people they know, like & trust.  So differentiate yourself! Find a way to stand out from the crowd – raise the bar and set the standard and be proud of our industry – I am!

My 3 secrets & common sense approach to raising the bar & setting the standard.

  1. Spend more time listening than talking. Assume that your role is to help others, not yourself.
  2. Build strong & deep enduring relationships. Build trust over time. It’s not a sprint it is a marathon. We get rewarded and recognised for endurance.
  3. Hone your skills, learn your business and your industry. This is a business that you can earn whilst you learn, which is brilliant, so you must develop your skills to position yourself over time as an expert.

Lastly, have fun with it. People will gravitate to people who are having fun – so if you’re having fun, a smile on your face, if you’re doing something that makes you happy and you’re building a life with people you know, like & trust – how brilliant is that?


Keep in touch with me:

Mobile: 07841 636698. Website: http://www.lindadaviescarr.myarbonne.co.uk

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