Differentiate or die…


I have been doing Arbonne for 6 years, I have achieved a level of success that I am very proud of. I have a wonderful team of people who want more and who are achieving that!

2016 is the year of stepping up, stepping out of my comfort zone, the year of differentiation….

Lets talk soon…



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Choose carefully…


If we are the average of the 5 people we spend most of our time with, then we should choose more carefully!




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Business opportunities in CARDIFF

I am so excited that one of our top business leaders in presenting in Cardiff next week. On Tuesday 2nd February at the Miskin Manor Hotel. If you’re curious come along and see what all the fuss is about…



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Ditch the drama


I have learned (the hard way) that some people just attract drama.  So as a parent of two teenage girls my regular mantra of “step away from the drama” or “ditch the drama” have become two of my most used sayings!

Its hard though when so many people in this state and it seems to paralyse their ability to just get on with the usual, the expected, the promised and it paralyses their action.

I started this blog 2 years ago and then kept it in my drafts, but today is a day for cleansing. Cleaning out people who live in the drama, friends of long standing who choose to live their lives in the drama. I am exhausted with it – NEXT!

Until next time…





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Working mums – feeling guilty for working?

Very interesting results from a poll of 2000 women carried out as part of a recent radio publicity survey:

  • Almost 90% of women said that they felt guilt for having to leave their children to go to work

  • 71% said that they worried constantly that working away from their children could affect their school performance and quality of life

  • 72% of women feel that their children would be healthier and happier if they worked from home

  • 71% of women said that it was important to them to have their own personal income separate from their partner

  • 54% said that their family would be happier if they worked from home more often

  • 62% feel that they have absolutely no other choice but to abandon their children to go to their day jobs

  • 80% of these 2,000 women said that they had to be “superheroes” in order to balance the demands of an office day job and a home life and that working away from their families due to inflexible business practices was harming their children in the long run

Despite the best efforts of government and industry leaders, women across the UK are largely unhappy in their day jobs, feel stifled by the glass ceiling and undermined by an on-going pay inequality

….all of which pretty much encompasses the reasons why I started my Arbonne business and why the business is structured the way it is. If you would like to know how it works, just drop me a line! Jan sign up offer is still on so take a peek at lindadaviescarr.arbonne.com and drop me a PM. You have nothing to lose trying it out and seeing if it is for you.


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So proud she bothered

Another milestone achieved, my little girl voted for the first time, and she was chuffed. We turned out at about 9pm – there was plenty of time, so why did so few just not bother?


The news today has been full of hype about it being the lowest voting turnout since 1918 – so why did so very few make the effort and bother?


Our experience was a good one, my daughter’s friend even got a round of applause when the voting staff found out it was her first time to vote! It should be more teenager / first vote experience focused. We took my youngest daughter – she had loads of questions about method, structure, paper based versus electronic. I did my best to answer her questions, but should have known them all.

The Guardian did a great comparison to voters for X Factor

The Electoral Reform Society predicted a final turnout of just 18.5% nationally in the PCC vote – but the actual result was even worse with just, 15% of the population voting in this election. So, how does that compare?

Well, stepping momentarily outside the political sphere, 15,488,019 votes were cast during the 2010 edition of The X Factor, equivalent to 23.18% of those eligible to vote (includes Ireland). This figure gives an inflated idea of the number of people taking part, with individuals able to cast multiple votes, but provides an interesting reference point nonetheless.

Today’s figure certainly makes it one of the worst turnouts ever – coming in lower than that in the Manchester Central by-election yesterday, which was itself the lowest by-election turnout ever, lower than the previous record of 19.1% in Leeds Central in 1999.

I’m not a follower of politics, maybe because my dearest father talks at people and for years he talked at us with his views opinions, and yes had been known to talk to / rant at the TV. Hence I am not a follower of politics. I know what I know, like what I like and vote how I vote.

I believe that many many women fought that we should have the vote, so I believe it is my responsibility to bother!

Lets talk again.


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I was sceptical….


I was sceptical I was really! I did my due diligence and what I found was an incredible business opportunity for people who are, quite simply BRAVE ENOUGH!

This is newly launched 6 minute long  Arbonne business overview with our CEO Kay Napier. Take a peek.

35 years and only in 4 countries – what an amazing opportunity for growth!

Take a look at my website http://www.lindadaviescarr.myarbonne.co.uk/

So,  if you’re still curious, then check me out on Linkedin  uk.linkedin.com/in/lindadaviescarr/

What have you got to lose? Its health and wellness – its skin care and consumable products that everyone uses every day. Arbonne’s are just better.



Linda  xox




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Make an impact


 photo Quote_Anita-Roddick-on-making-an-impact_UK-3.png


Isn’t it all in our heads, we are as influential and impactful as we choose. We just have to choose.

So choose to leave a legacy.

A legacy. It’s something that very few men and women in the 20’s, 30’s, and even 40’s really think about. We think about building a successful life. We think about creating a good life for us and our loved one’s. But a legacy?

Building a legacy is the furthest thing on our mind. But lets consider  that it should be at the forefront of everything we do. Don’t just focus on building a good life today, create a life that will leave it’s fingerprint on this planet for years to come.

Follow a blueprint for success and have fun with. Its doesn’t have to be shiny and all new, it can be work in progress, but choose TODAY to leave a legacy. I did and tell you more next time.

Have a happy day.



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I built a global business from my kitchen table

I was never looking for anything else, but I do believe that everything happens for a reason.

So it literally started with an eye cream and has grown into a booming global business and it all started at my kitchen table and happened in less than 3 years. A business model that is sheer genius and supported by cutting edge premium products that actually do what they claim to do. Genius!

It earned me a FREE white Mercedes, Tiffany jewelery, gifts, friends, personal growth, time with my children, time with my husband and so much more. The ability to literally earn money whilst I sleep, because quite simply people buy their consumables, you know “stuff” 24/7, all hours of the day, across the time zones and internationally! Our products are gorgeous, award-winning, and consumable, so simply put when they run out, you buy more. Brilliant!

I got to “retire” from corporate and spend more time with my family. Best of all I get to work with people I choose and help them grow and develop.

It’s absolutely not for everyone, and it is simple but it is NOT easy. But it is for anyone who is willing to work hard and build a future for themselves.

Now I get to work from home, the gym, the beach, on holiday – anywhere with a laptop and my phone!

So if you’re curious how I did it then pop over and take a look: www.lindadaviescarr.myarbonne.co.uk


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10 smart reasons to have a coach

Life Coaching in Great Neck, NY, Interpersonal Growth Coaching

I know lots of coaches. I know lots of BAD coaches – who attempt to “fix” help others, when really they need some resolute help to fix themselves!

Why do so many people become coaches when they need help themselves – is it another way of putting off dealing with their issues??

Anyway I’ve met business coaches, life coaches, family coaches – but the one I really have questions about is those that profess to be “life coaches”!!  So I have spent some time talking to, interviewing and getting to understand their “why” and what their point of differentiation is, and HOW they believe they can be your LIFE COACH.

I would urge anyone who is considering using the skills of a coach to interview them, ask them who is coaching them? As we benefit from life long learning, and people talk endlessly about their “journey” – and how do we really know when we’ve arrived? So enough of the rhetoric, let’s get down to coaching…

I had a business coach whist working in financial services, he was epic and just a tad scary. Lets call him Anthony, because that was his name, and te element that worked is that he “got me” and as a result I could not blag my way out of any questioning. I knew he kept me accountable and as a result I had and still have many breakthrough moments.

What will a coach help you do?

 1.  Move Your Life Forward

  •  Help you if you are feeling stuck?  Help you identify and visualise your vision, your goals. Support you in framing how to kick-start your life and start building momentum.  Once you have your ideal vision for your life, you can start taking small smart steps every day to move your life forward.

 2.  Discover What You Really Want

  •  Do you know what you really want in life? Even if you think you know, you might quickly discover that it’s actually something slightly different.  Sometimes it will take a third party, a stranger to ask the right questions, the probing questions, the ones you don’t want to answer. Getting really clear on what you want is a powerful step in actually making it happen.  Research shows that most people walk through life well into their 50′s and 60′s never truly discovering what truly makes them come alive.  Find your true calling, your passion, your purpose.  Most importantly, experience the power of living your life with very clear intentions.

3.  Transform Your Life Forever

  • Support you with self-confidence, empowerment, manifesting your desires, or creating huge shifts in your perspective. You will see things differently with improved clarity  Anything is possible but it requires true transformation.  In order to experience a life at new levels you must become a person who can operate their life at new levels.

4.  Embrace feeling happy, live abundantly & Passionately

  • Leave behind your old life of dissatisfaction, lack of fulfillment, and unhappiness.  Ever wonder what it’d be like to feel fulfilled and to be living with passion?  Imagine how you’d feel to actually live your passion on a regular basis.

5.  Unlock your Intuition

  • Have you ever wished you had someone who could just tell you what to do?  A life coach won’t tell you what to do, but will help you find your own answers from within yourself.  Then they will help you discover the right action steps to take.  Your strongest guide will come from within.  For many people this is very hard to believe because they have been systematically conditioned by society to doubt and second guess their own instinct and intuition.  A solid life coach will help you develop your ability to bet on yourself more in life.

6.  Smash Your Limiting Beliefs

  • Limiting beliefs are unconscious.  You cannot unleash them until you’ve uncovered them, and this process will take some serious work.  Getting an outside perspective from your coach will allow you to target the unconscious beliefs that are keeping you stuck and holding you back.  Then once your have become aware of the limiting beliefs, a good coach will help you reverse those limiting beliefs into more empowered ones.

7.  Get Accountability

  • Need someone to keep you on task?  Your coach will hold you accountable.  More importantly, a coach will give you the tools to hold yourself accountable, without needing an outsider to do it for you.  We don’t improve what we refuse to measure and hold to higher expectations.  The art of accountability is what differiantes the talkers from the doers.

8.  Motivation, Encouragement, and Support

  • We all LOVE encouragment, but how can irregular soothing help you keep om track?  Research show that having a third party to keep you on travk and execute teh plan is the point of differntation. Ditch the casual cheer leaders, and take the plan seriously.

9.  Take Action Today

  • Still procrastinating, making excuses, waiting until tomorrow to live your dream life?  You don’t have to wait, start now.  Start taking the first baby steps to moving your life in the direction you want.  A solid life coach is trained to help you to step out of your comfort zone and step up to the call that is on your life.  Like Albert Einstein always said, “nothing ever happens until something moves.”  You must take action and a qualified coach can help.

10.  Reach Your Goals, Attain Your Dreams

Who’s helping you reach your goals?  It’s okay to get help in achieving your big dreams.    It comes with big obstacles and frustrating challenges.  A coach will walk you through every step to in your journey attain your plans.  Goals need road maps and strategies to overcome the inevitable road blocks.  Creating that road map and being empowered to overcome those road blocks is the greatest pragmatic value of a life coach.  It’s a fact that confidence increases when you create a doable plan to reach your goals.

If you are serious about living your epic life, it only makes sense that you model the greatest athletes and business leaders by working with a qualified, proven coach.



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